Intercom: The solution to centralize and control all your communication channels with your customers.

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Sep 6, 2022

Intercom is a solution multi-platform to exchange with your customers in a secure, private and efficient way. It allows you to talk to your customers without having to be physically in the same place. It’s not only for online stores; you can use it for physical stores as well. It’s ideal for businesses that have multiple locations and need to manage multiple accounts, or those who must have their customers sign on before they can do business with them.
You can also make your own customer messages available in a custom interface. The Intercom is easy to install and setup, so you can get started right away. This product is a plus for a good digital transition of your business

Here is a video that summarizes the activities of our partner :

A unified engagement experience across the customer journey :
• Convert:  Convert more website visitors into customers with targeted messages, bots, and real-time chat.
• Engage:  Onboard, activate, and re-engage customers with targeted outbound messages, product tours, and email campaigns.
• Support : Provide high-quality, personalized help at any scale by layering human, self-serve, and proactive support.”


  • Turn visitors into leads and customers
  • Increase conversions with real-time personal engagement
  • Automatically capture leads, and then qualify, route, and schedule meetings with the right sales representative


  • Increase product engagement and activation
  • Re-engage inactive users
  • Announce and cross-sell new features and products
  • Onboard new users


  • Proactively support and deflect inbound inquiries
  • Automate resolution workflows
  • Improve first-contact resolution

How does intercom implement its solution ?
Intercom is a modern communications platform that can transform the way everyone in your organization engages with customers.
Unlike traditional phone systems, Intercom gives employees the freedom and flexibility of working from wherever they want, on any device, making communication more streamlined, personal and productive. Employees can choose the best way to communicate, whether that’s over phone, video, email or text message. If someone is unavailable, they can leave a message which can be responded to at their leisure. Once you’ve added your employees, they’re automated into the workflow so communications are simplified and seamless. Plus, our intelligent interface helps your team focus on the conversations that really matter and take action on customer interactions, whilst our mobile app means that team members can collaborate from anywhere, at any time. With Intercom, you can even customize workflows and integrate with third-party systems like G Suite or Salesforce, so your business can evolve and improve over time.

What are the benefits of using Intercom ?

  •  ⭐️The most powerful and engaging in-context messaging solution 
    • On your site, in product, in-app, web, or mobile
    • Seamlessly omnichannel
    • Both inbound and outbound
  • 🙋Ability to collect and leverage first-party data drives unparalleled personalization
    • Live first-party data, rich context
    • Dynamic content and sending
  • 📢Unified platform for all customer-facing teams to use together
    • Unified customer record
    • Unified workflows
    • Enterprise scale and security
    • Enterprise scale and security
  • 🚀Next-generation product approach to technology and user experience
    • Intelligent automation through AI and ML
    • No-code flexibility 
    • Seamlessly integrates with existing stack

If you want to test this solution, or would like to set up an appointment contact us at
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We propose to be your direct support ! 

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  1. Paisley Dela Cruz Reply October 28, 2022 - 4:07 pm

    Thank you a lot for taking the time for you to share such a piece of good information. Intercom is a solution multi-platform to exchange with your customers in a secure, private, and efficient way.

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