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a Native Mobile Application

Compatible with all websites or web apps

100% synchronization with your website

Launch your app in days, not months

Boost Interaction
with a Native Mobile UX

The icon on the client’s home screen is a noticeable reminder of your brand, and serves as an immediate and easy route to it. They won’t have to use a browser or sign in, and the native UI components in the application make for a more instinctive and interactive experience.

Consequently, mobile applications are more “sticky” than other applications developed for the mobile web, which is the reason they help to promote solid interaction and commitment to your brand. Over time, this means more income and growth.

Develop an application your users will cherish in days, not months.

Native app development by an in-house team or an agency usually lasts between 6 to 12 months and the price ranges from 50-100 thousand dollars.

As a result, the decision to develop a mobile app was a difficult one and required a huge commitment. However, this is no longer an issue.

GWS Mobile App enables you to develop and launch apps in less than 14 days for a lower cost and are comparable with apps built from scratch.

Increase Interaction
using Push Notifications

Social media and search engines are good sources of temporary traffic but for users who are loyal to your website, more should be done to keep them engaged.

Push notifications enable you to prompt your loyal fans about new and interesting content which they can access just by clicking the notification. This helps to build a stronger relationship with your core users and by extension a stronger brand.

Generate income easily through your apps

Users who are more active on your app are self-selected by the app, especially those who are most likely to part away with money. We provide all that is needed to generate income through your app.

Whatever your needs are: a publisher who needs integration with mobile ad networks, paywalls and subscriptions, or an eCommerce operator needing carts and gateways, we will sort you out.

Real-time Synchronization
with your website

The apps are compatible with sites built with Shopify, Laravel, WordPress, or any other CMS and will synchronize seamlessly.

Your existing workflow remains the same and there is no added responsibility.

The app is updated in real-time with all changes made to content on your site and this makes it easy to manage.

Unique from App generators and templates

We are different from the majority of app developers that give you a cookie-cutter app which can’t integrate all components of your site.

The applications incorporate all your existing themes, third-party tools and plugins. Our code editor and configuration dashboard also allow you to customize the functionality and style of apps.

Need help setting up? We are always ready to assist you via our custom service.


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An easy process. Launch your app in less than 21 days.

This is the quickest way for a mobile app to be launched, assured.

All you need to do is utilize our platform to set up, tweak and test your apps, then we’ll take over from there.

Expert support every step of the way

We are actively involved when providing you with support. Our dedicated team of app experts support you every step of the way.

All you need to do is utilize our platform to set up, customize and test your apps, then we’ll take over from that point. We take responsibility of developing, testing, compiling and submitting your apps on all plans. We commit many hours to evaluate your app to make certain it is functioning properly, thus assuring its approval by the App Stores.

Are you busy or not tech savvy? There is a full-service package on offer where you don’t have to do anything on your end. We take over your app’s set up and development from beginning to end including all advanced customizations.

We don’t just stop there. We take care of all updates and maintenance on all our plans, relieving you of the stress and cost of hiring developers to fix issues.

Swift, Productive, Total Service

Our team is swift and highly skilled in mobile and web technology. We handle the entire process of testing and setting up your apps to be launched on iOS and Android.



No hidden Costs

Easy, certain, monthly cost or revenue share for publishers that are eligible. No secret charges or payment of expensive fees to developers in the event something goes south. We take care of everything for you.

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Why GWS Mobile App Solution?

Our native app platforms and our publishing and development services make developing
native mobile apps simple and inexpensive.

Swift native applications

In contrast to PWAs, you get native apps in stores, an enhanced UX, push notifications for both android and iOS

Completely customizable

Develop a white label app, tweaked to represent your brand, style and content and any other needed functionality.

WordPress Integration

Native App will work pleasantly with your WordPress Site including the plugins, themes, posts and custom post types. Control it straight from WordPress.

Bespoke Development

Develop your own app at a cost much lower than what an agency would charge. We assist with customizations and integrations.

Executed for you

We can assist you with the entire configuration and also invariably handle the submission of your app to App store and Google Play via your own account.

Extraordinary support

Our dedicated team of app experts will respond to your queries promptly and stay with you every step of the way. We are actively involved and support you to get exactly what you want done! 

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