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Obvious Client Red Flags
Just as clients often interview freelancers to ensure they are the right fit, freelancers should also qualify clients to make sure that the client will be up to their expectations....
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Cloudflare Partnership since 2013
Cloudflare Optimized Partner since 2013! Did you know that we are in partnership with Cloudflare, the website performance and security company, since 2013. Actually we were one of the first...
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Bad Time Management Will Destroy Your Business
While terrible financial management is the leading cause of the downfall of freelance businesses, I would have to say the 2nd leading cause is bad time management practices. The other...
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3 Ways You Are Limiting Yourself. #2 will double your income!
Working as a solo business owner can be very challenging.  You will have to deal with some complex technical issues while managing clients and keeping up-to-date with rapidly advancing technologies. Freelancers...
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Surviving a Server Disaster, Post-Mortem of a Failed CPanel Transfer
It all started very fine. I spent weeks carefully crafting my new cloud server on https://www.digitalocean.com/ , spent hours performing all sorts of optimizations with great tools from https://www.cloudlinux.com/, brought in my AI...
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3 Critical Money Mindset for Ambitious Business Owners
Have you ever had someone tell you that they don’t need money? Or have you had this thought yourself? As weird as this may sound to some, they’re not alone...
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13 Reasons Why Mauritian Entrepreneurs Must Read Books To Improve Their Businesses
Be honest – when was the last time you read a non-fiction book cover to cover? Would you rather watch a TV show than actually read a good book? You...
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5 Myths That I Used To Believe In About Starting Your Own Business.
1. YOU HAVE TO WORK 24/7. Yes, I do work more than most people. And yes, I do work on weekends sometimes. But I definitely don’t work all the time....
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How To Turn One-Shot Clients Into Repeat Clients
It’s so simple; you’re going to wonder why you haven’t been using this three-step formula all this time. You might even be slightly angry with me for pointing it out....
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Facebook Organic Reach in the Decline Stage of its life-cycle
Likes, shares, comments, reactions and interactions were common things that « Facebookers » used to do whenever they liked a Page on Facebook. Due to this, any businesses having a...
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