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How To Use Valentines Day To Boost Revenue (This Works Even If You Have a Completely Unromantic Business)
Have you seen the ads yet? You know, the valentines day promos for restaurants, flower services, hotels, etc? Unless you’re living in a cave, I bet you have. There’s a...
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Targeting the Masses? The Beachhead Strategy is Exactly what You Need Right Now
June 6, 1944, soldiers from the allied forces landed in Normandy, France. The soldiers consisted of Americans, British and Canadians. They all landed simultaneously on five separate areas of the...
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Stop Labeling Yourself as a Freelancer! Seriously, Stop NOW!
WHAT’S YOUR TITLE? WHAT DO YOU CALL YOURSELF? A FREELANCER? Have you considered the negative connotations associated with being titled a freelancer? Not only is there a stigmatisation among some...
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