Turn any Web App into a Native Mobile App

Enjoy all the advantages of native mobile apps without any of the labour or cost and rebuilding of content..

Develop Android and iOS applications from your current web app. Conserve time, effort and money.

To develop your mobile applications from scratch would involve tens or hundreds of thousands and last several months. We provide you with an efficient alternative.

You get to enjoy all the advantages of native apps – devoid of all the complexity, stress and expenses associated with such projects. No need to deal with anything technical, our platform handles all the work.

Don’t overspend or allow your competition to outperform you. Begin to grow your app store presence smartly and utilize the savings to gain additional users and reinvest in your main online product.

Launch your app in days

No need to wait months to go live. Develop your app and launch it in less than 2 weeks.

Reasonable pricing

Easy, certain, monthly cost. No secret charges.


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Avoid Code, Avoid Problems

Build your apps immediately without the hustle of cumbersome learning. If you have a website, you can convert it into a mobile app

Compatible with any Web App

Any changes made on your web app will immediately synchronize with your Android and iOS apps.

Concentrate on building your core web presence and the apps will handle themselves.

Inexhaustible Push Notifications

Push notifications for mobile devices are an effective method to engage your users where they spend the majority of their time – on their smartphones.

Push notifications offer 10X more open rate than email, your reach isn’t limited like social media, and you can reach iOS users unlike with web notifications. Canvas offers everything you’ll need to get the most out of this amazing tool.

Utilize all your Best-loved Features and Integrations from your Site.

The applications seamlessly incorporate all your existing themes, plugins and features – straight out of the box

Increase Interaction, Commitment and Retention with Effective Mobile UX

Developing mobile apps offers you the opportunity to provide a more contemporary and convenient UX.

The home screen icon is a consistent reminder of your service, while the native tab menu and native navigation provide users with a seamless and intuitive experience.

Improve Your Brand’s Image and Reputation with an App Store Presence

Google will be the first place consumers look for your brand. The App Stores are the second option. Don’t let them down.

Apps for iOS and Android are a mark of excellence for a modern digital company, and they demonstrate that you’re concerned about UX.

Complete Service From a Premium Team

We are actively involved when providing you with support. Our dedicated team of app experts support you every step of the way.

You’ll configure and personalize your apps using Canvas, and then our staff will do the rest. Are you busy or not tech savvy? There is a full-service package on offer where you don’t have to do anything on your end. We take over your app’s set up and development from beginning to end including all advanced customizations.

We take responsibility of developing, testing, compiling and submitting your apps on all plans. We commit many hours to evaluate your app to make certain it is functioning properly, thus assuring its approval by the App Stores.

Swift, Productive, Total Service

Our team is swift and highly skilled in mobile and web technology. We handle the entire process of testing and setting up your apps to be launched on iOS and Android.

No hidden Costs

Easy, certain, monthly cost. No secret charges or payment of expensive fees to developers in the event something goes south. We take care of everything for you.


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All The App Functionalities You Need

Native Tab Menu

The native tab menu is the basis of your app. It offers your consumers a ‘native feel' by making the most essential components of your app readily accessible.

Message Center

Every message your users get is kept in the app so they can come back to it later and read it, explore the information, or click on the link.

Push Preferences

Allow your users to pick which messages and alerts they want to receive.

Native navigation

Native navigation With a familiar native UI, iOS and Android users will have no trouble navigating around your app.

Customizable Splash Screen

While your app is loading, your users will see a branded splash screen and receive feedback in the form of a progress bar.

Configuration Dashboard

Control anything about your app straightaway without having to fumble with submission of updates

Completely customizable

Customize the applications with your own color scheme, logo, and splash screen

Loading Indicators

For a better UX and a more natural feel, the applications will provide distinct visual feedback when a page is loaded.

Automatic Rating Prompts

Encourage your users to provide a review after they've used your app for a while.

Integrations & Advanced features

We created the ideal wrapper to provide you with all of the benefits of native apps at a fraction of the cost and with none of the trouble.

Firebase Analytics

Firebase provides you everything you need to get useful data about your users, including limitless reporting and audience segmentation.

Onesignal Notifications

OneSignal allows you to send notifications from your app via their API or from their dashboard.

Integrated with WordPress

Select a unique theme for your app. Notifications may be set up for new posts, special post kinds, BuddyPress events, and messages, among other things.

Handle external links

Options for internal and external links. When your app detects the link type, it will either launch the device's browser or keep the user in the app.

Customize All Labels

All text labels seen in native portions of the program, such as the push notifications screen, may be changed or localized.

Location Services

Obtain permission from user’s to utilize their location in your web app

Identify App Users

Owing to a unique user agent string, you can easily identify each request originating from the app.

Advanced Editor

Customize the set up using JSON, or export it and operate it locally on your own server

Apply Custom CSS

Do you need to update your mobile app without compromising your web app? Right inside the app, paste your CSS code.

Simple price plans, includes everything you need

All of our plans include technical assistance from our staff as well as regular app upgrades (new versions) for your app, as needed, for security, reliability, and performance concerns, as well as compatibility with the most recent iOS and Android versions.

Is your business in its early stage? For up to 1,000 active users, subscribe for our early stage startup price of MUR 20,000 per month paid annually (or MUR 40,000 per month paid monthly)


MUR 20,000+VAT /month

paid annually


MUR 40,000+VAT /month

paid annually

Everything in Growth, plus:

We assist you with all of the necessary preliminary work.

GWS Mobile App is far more than a software platform; it’s a full solution that contains everything you’ll need to get your app up and running.

On top of monthly or yearly costs, the App Submission charge and the optional Full Service Package fee are required at the start.

App Submission (required)

MUR 20,000+VAT

All the work to compile, test and submit
your app to Apple and Google.

Full Service Package (optional)

MUR 20,000+VAT

It’s ideal if you want everything taken care
of for you. Our team will configure and customize your app and take care of all the graphic design work required for a professional result.


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Why GWS Mobile App Solution?

Our native app platforms and our publishing and development services make developing native mobile apps simple and inexpensive.

Swift native applications

In contrast to PWAs, you get native apps in stores, an enhanced UX, push notifications for both android and iOS

Completely customizable

Develop a white label app, tweaked to represent your brand, style and content and any other needed functionality.

WordPress Integration

Your app will work well with your WordPress site’s posts, custom post types, themes, and plugins. Managed straight from WordPress.

Bespoke Development

Develop your own app at a cost much lower than what an agency would charge. We assist with customizations and integrations.

Executed for you

We can assist you with the entire configuration and also invariably handle the submission of your app to App store and Google Play via your own account.

Extraordinary support

Our dedicated team of app experts will respond to your queries promptly and stay with you every step of the way. We are actively involved and support you to get exactly what you want done!

What is the Process of Canvas?

How are we able to provide our clients with the key advantages of real native apps at such a cheap cost and in such a short period of time?

You can transform any current web app into contemporary iOS and Android applications using our Canvas platform. Rather than starting from scratch or using a no-code DIY builder, Canvas wraps your current web app with a “native skin,” which includes push notifications, native navigations, animation, and everything else required for your app to be published on the app stores. Consider it a specialized browser for your web application.

It is, however, much more than a specialized browser. Canvas combines all features and capabilities, as well as using your current web app’s content and style. No app builder or DIY tool can accomplish this since they restrict you to pre-built themes and templates, making it difficult to completely construct your web app. This provides you and your users the best of both worlds.

You receive all of the advantages of native applications, including a presence in app stores, improved user experience, more branding, push alerts, and more engaged users.

All of this was accomplished in a fraction of the time and money it would take to create native apps from the ground up. Canvas also reduces labor time and stress. You can quickly update and maintain the app without disrupting your workflow or having to maintain two distinct codebases. You may concentrate on your web app while the applications handle themselves!

Your users will enjoy a much enhanced user experience that feels like a genuine native app. The major criticism leveled at “hybrid” systems like Canvas is their slowness. Your Canvas apps may not always be as quick as ‘true’ native apps, but they will not always be slower. Your applications’ speed will be totally determined by the performance of your existing web app. Canvas apps will operate smoothly and quickly if everything is optimized for the web. Canvas itself makes use of the most up-to-date caching and webview technologies to guarantee that your apps run as quickly as possible.

The procedure is the same regardless of the CMS or stack your web project is built on. If your app is developed using Laravel, Rails, Next.js, Drupal, or another technology, Canvas can quickly and effectively convert it to iOS and Android.

Turn Your Website Into a Native Mobile App

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