Keep your Passwords Strong and Secure

Over the years we’ve noticed an increase in brute-force attempts by bots trying to either flood e-mail accounts or guess account password.
It’s quite important to keep your passwords strong and safe and regularly change them as well.

Although we implement multiple layers of security and firewalls to keep your accounts safe, it’s always a good idea to use strong passwords to reduce the chance that bots can guess yours (e.g if you’ve used a date of birth, a town/city/name combination, numbers like 1235, the name of a movie, and anything that’s easy to guess…)

If you have an e-mail account hosted on CPanel with us, can I ask you to take a moment and follow these instructions to generate a new strong password? This will help keep your account as secure as possible and prevent it from being hacked by bots / viruses in the future.

It’s always a good practice to change those passwords every month.

You can do that easily by logging into webmail at using your current email password and change it from the interface.

And if you’ve never done that, you can also reset your client portal access password from to get a new one. This client portal control all your hosting / domain names and other services you have with us, so it’s critical you keep it as safe and secure as possible and regularly change the password to a strong one.

As usual, if you have any question, just start a new LiveChat conversation with us.

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