Launch eye-catching News Apps directly from your WordPress site

Launch eye-catching News Apps directly from your WordPress site.

We assisted 1,200+ clients publish their apps on Google Play and App Store. Do you wish to be next?

Native News apps

Get attractive, quick native apps, like apps from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Buzzfeed, and Huffington Post.

Push Notifications

Alert readers with regular push notifications and breaking news alerts across iOS and Android

Completely Customized

With the aid of our designers and developers, you can make your app stand out.

Provide the finest user experience for dedicated readers.

Your most devoted readers, those who visit your site on a daily basis, expect more than a responsive website. Provide them a positive experience, and they’ll reward you with more interaction, dedication, and visits

Increase traffic, interaction, and income

Users of apps return more frequently and consume more content. App users are 6x more engaged than visitors who come from websites, according to Chartbeat.


No advance cost, no extensive development

You don’t have to pay for the applications with GWS Mobile App, and we’ll split a percentage of the programmatic ad income produced in the apps with you.

Similar apps would cost $80-300k to build from scratch, take months to develop, and cost thousands of dollars every month to maintain.

It integrates with your WordPress site, so you won't have to worry about managing anything new.

Your applications will work in tandem with your current WordPress site. Don’t make any changes to your publishing process; your app will always be updated with no effort on your part.

Obtain a direct route to your audience through push notifications

With up to 90% open rates, push notifications are unrivaled when it comes to interacting with your audience. We provide everything you’ll need to make the most of this effective engagement tool.

Improve the effectiveness of your advertisement

GWS Mobile App Solution makes it simple to monetize your content with advertising and subscriptions.

Our applications provide out-of-the-box integrations with the leading mobile ad networks, such as Google Admob and Facebook Audience Network, as well as the ability to serve your own direct inventory from advertisers and sponsors.

Trade subscriptions

The core to attracting subscribers and growing a membership program is loyalty. Apps increase reader loyalty and aid in the conversion of readers into subscribers.

A team of specialists on your side.

We are actively involved when providing you with support.

Our dedicated team of app experts support you every step of the way..

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We create incredible applications for you that are entirely unique and suited to your brand. We'll take care of the app submission and publication for you, so you won't have to learn anything new.

Updates included

Our staff will handle all future upgrades and maintenance as part of our tailored complete service, giving you peace of mind.

Exceptional support

We're always available to talk about how we can enhance and extend your app over time.

We're your mobile partners who are dedicated to supporting you to grow.

Bespoke Development

Need something more than a regular news app — more than templates?

Our staff is accessible for modifications and integrations.

We developed every functionality you require

For years, we’ve been supporting publishers, professional bloggers, and media companies on how to become mobile-first. We’ve figured out what a good news app should have, and we’ve included them all on our platform.

Completely customizable

Customize the applications with your own color scheme, logo and splash screen with limitless options for modification. Make your app entirely unique by including your own style or code.

Trade subscriptions

Allow readers to opt out of advertisements in return for a subscription purchase or offer premium content access. Integrate your membership or paywall plugin.

Native advertising

Integrate mobile native ads from Google Admob, Facebook Audience Network, or use Google Ad Manager to manage your advertisements. Any advertising provider's advertisements can be included.


We work with Google Analytics and Firebase, as well as any other tool you so you can gain insight and analyze reader activity.

Video and Audio Players

Embed any audio or video player in your app — for no extra charge, we can embed third-party players in your app.


Allow your audience to access your content from anywhere! Your most recent content will be cached in the app for offline viewing and access, even with a slow connection.

Configurable Menus

Make it simple and quick to navigate throughout the app. Choose from hamburger, tab, header, or fully customized tab menus.

Native Sharing

Allow your users to share your content with their friends and family via any app or social network, all with a single swipe!

Push Settings

Give your readers discretion over the topics they get push alerts for to increase engagement and trust.


Create a sense of community and two-way communication with your most devoted readers. Encourage interaction, loyalty, and repeat visits.

Rich Image Galleries

Fast native picture galleries in all of your articles to provide your readers a rich visual experience.

Plugin integrations

Your article screens may include all of your content, embeds, and functionality from third-party plugins.

Content Recommendations

Offer relevant recommendations in the article screen to encourage your readers to continue reading within your app.

Native Search

With quick, accessible native search capabilities within your app, you can help your readers discover what they're looking for.

Automatic Rating Prompts

Encourage your users to provide a review after they've used your app for a while.


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Get your own mobile app quickly and inexpensively

To develop your own applications from scratch through an agency or in-house it would cost RS50k-Rs200k and it would take months. You can go live in days with GWS Mobile App Solution and with no upfront costs!

Go live in days

Forget about waiting months for your website to get live. In less than two weeks, you can have your app created and released.

No advance cost

If you qualify for our publisher program, we will create, launch, and manage your apps at no cost to you.

A platform for mobile apps that pays you rather than the other way around.

Through our Publisher Program, we collaborate with prominent publishers and professional bloggers to help them generate engagement, traffic, and ad income with native mobile applications at no cost to them. We monetize the app with premium ad networks such as Google Ad Exchange, and we pay you the majority of the revenue generated by the app. We offer more alternatives for subscription-based publishers and bespoke apps if you want a custom app or don’t want to split ad income.

Any questions?

Publisher Program

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No subscription or license fees, we’ll share ad revenue from the apps.


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Setup and ongoing license fees apply. Request a demo to receive a quote for your specific requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

A meeting with one of our app specialists is the first step in the process. We go through your app concept, the must-have functionalities, and develop a strategy for launching them. Then we start working on the development. You’ll be in touch with us throughout the process, and you’ll have lots of chances to provide feedback and test the applications. We’ll be ready to go through final testing of your News app and prepare it for submission and publishing on the App Store and Google Play in a few weeks (for projects with less sophisticated customisation and functionality). We’ll also collaborate with you in the weeks leading up to the launch to promote the applications and increase early interest and downloads. We keep working with you after the apps are live, optimizing your in-app advertising to create significant income and taking care of all app upgrades and maintenance!
Many popular WordPress publisher plugins will function right out of the box, and we can integrate any third-party plugins you want for your ideal app. The app is a native mobile app with a different design from your theme, but you may tweak it and use design elements from your site design – our staff can handle any modification and ensure that your app has a fully unique look.

There is no need to know how to code. You can handle GWS News applications if you know how to deal with WordPress. We give detailed instructions on everything you need to know, and our team is always available to assist you if required.

No, the applications will automatically update anytime you post new content! There’s not much to change in your current process; simply keep doing what you’re doing in WordPress and using our plugin to make minor modifications and handle push notifications.

GWS News applications are native mobile apps that work in tandem with your WordPress site. You get all of the benefits of fully native news applications, such as speed and customizability, for 10% of the standard price.

We are Google advertising partners and can provide you with premium ad networks to help you monetise more effectively. We can also configure in-app purchases so that users of your app may purchase subscriptions or access premium content. Many of our clients have had a significant return on investment from their News applications.

A part of your audience expects to utilize apps to communicate with businesses they interact with on a daily basis. Building applications allows you to form stronger bonds with your readers and increase their engagement. Apps not only provide your most devoted readers a home and a convenient way to communicate with them via push notifications, but they also make your brand appear more current and professional.

News is neither an app builder or a do-it-yourself tool. It’s a full-service solution for improving your mobile experience and increasing the effectiveness of your mobile advertising. We create, modify, publish, and manage your applications, and we’ll continue to be your mobile partners as you grow and prosper in the App Stores.

Yes, each app is one-of-a-kind and customized. For starters, News applications are created from your own bespoke website, which is entirely branded for you and tailored to your specific style and feature requirements! They will appear to your audience to be identical to bespoke apps costing RS100,000 or more.

Because the News applications are fully integrated with your WordPress site, there isn’t much more work for your staff. Any new material or modifications to your site will immediately update the apps, and the key functionality of the apps can be handled using our WordPress plugin with no coding necessary. Our developers will take care of any significant upgrades, maintenance, or modification.

News was created with WordPress news producers and content sites in mind. If your News site is built on a different CMS, you might be able to create apps using a special instance of WordPress that works as a bridge between your main site and the apps. This approach can produce outstanding results; chat with a member of our staff to learn more.

Any WordPress plugin or third-party platform may be integrated by us (as long as they provide an SDK). We have prebuilt connections with many of the main paywall providers and publisher platforms like Piano, also most typical WordPress publisher plugins will function right out of the box. Our developers will be able to bring your idea to life because each project is unique, and we have extensive expertise developing complicated News apps.

Yes, you certainly can! Subscriber-only News applications are available from a number of our customers, like Foreign Policy. Others, such as Simple Flying, charge a monthly subscription fee to eliminate advertisements from apps.

Yes! As an alternative to our Publisher Program, we can provide a custom app creation service. You may learn more by sending us an email or speaking with a member of our staff.

Yes, both manual and automated notifications will be available to you. Notifications are used by many of our publisher clients to drive visitors to fresh content. Your app’s users will be able to select the topics they’re most interested in, as well as customize their push notification choices.

Yes, any video or audio player may be embedded in the applications!

Normally, if your site has peculiar or highly customized features, or if it relies on a third-party platform that has to be connected with the applications, bespoke development from our team is required. For most of our clients, this isn’t necessary, but we’ve built virtually every type of bespoke feature possible in News applications, so chances are we can get you what you need!

Yes, we can integrate any paywall you have on your site right now.

Yes, subscriptions may be sold through the applications. The problem is that Apple and Google take a percentage, which is the same for all apps. We can still configure it for you, but we can also advise you on alternate techniques that will allow you to keep more of your subscription money.

Yes, your readers will be able to download content from the applications so that they may access it offline.

Is it possible to load a webpage from a partner, sponsor, or advertising in the app?

Our mobile apps are multilingual and offer RTL (right-to-left) translation for Arabic and Hebrew. We’re always adding more languages, so get in contact to see whether yours is supported. Arabic, Azerbaijani, Chinese (Si. ), Chinese (Tr. ), Danish, Dutch, Farsi, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian (Bo. ), Portuguese (Br. ), Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and others are among the languages presently supported.

Yes, RTL text is supported by News apps, and it is easy to configure.

We collaborate with publishers that have at least 200,000 monthly visits and are willing to monetize their apps with in-app advertising through the publisher program.

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Why GWS Mobile App Solution?

Our native app platforms and our publishing and development services make developing native mobile apps simple and inexpensive.

Swift native applications

In contrast to PWAs, you get native apps in stores, an enhanced UX, push notifications for both android and iOS

Completely customizable

Develop a white label app, tweaked to represent your brand, style and content and any other needed functionality.

WordPress Integration

Your app will work well with your WordPress site’s posts, custom post types, themes, and plugins. Managed straight from WordPress.

Bespoke Development

Develop your own app at a cost much lower than what an agency would charge. We assist with customizations and integrations.

Executed for you

We can assist you with the entire configuration and also invariably handle the submission of your app to App store and Google Play via your own account.

Extraordinary support

Our dedicated team of app experts will respond to your queries promptly and stay with you every step of the way. We are actively involved and support you to get exactly what you want done!

Turn Your Website Into a Native Mobile App

Get started for free, experience how GWS Mobile App operates and learn all about our platform and service.