Turn Your WordPress Website Into Native Mobile Apps

Build iOS & Android apps that sync 100% with your WordPress site. Make use of your current theme and all of your plugins. In less than two weeks, your app will be available on the App Stores.

We assisted 1,200+ clients publish their apps on Google Play and App Store. Do you wish to be next?

Launch on the App Store & Google Play for a Cheaper rate, Go Live

So you’ve developed a great WordPress site, and now you’re ready to take your mobile game to the next level by developing mobile applications for your company. This is a fantastic concept. There are a few options, but the most of them need months of effort from a team of developers.

GWS Mobile App is unique. We remove all of the complication out of app development. We turn your WordPress site into native applications, so you don’t have to learn anything new or rebuild anything.

Your site will function well as a mobile app if it works well as a responsive WordPress site.

This is the simplest way to go to the App Stores. Don’t waste your money or allow your competition to outperform you when it comes to mobile UX. Start establishing your app store presence the right way, then reinvest in your core product with the money you save.

Launch your app in days

No need to wait months to go live. Develop your app and launch it in less than 2 weeks.

Reasonable pricing

Easy, certain, monthly cost. No secret charges.


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Enhance User Experience, Interactions, and Commitment

People anticipate an app experience from the websites they visit on a daily basis. Your website is great for attracting new users and catering to fly-by traffic, but apps are far better for retaining people and creating a devoted following.

Improve Your Brand’s Image with a App Store Presence

Putting your app on Google Play and the App Store exposes you to millions of prospective customers.

Use Your Own Theme & All Your Plugins

With GWS Mobile App solution, you’re not constrained in any way; you may maintain what works, use your theme and any plugin you like, or develop a unique design for your app; the decision is yours.

Synced with WordPress

Since 2013, we’ve worked with WordPress site owners to create over a thousand mobile applications from WordPress sites in every specialty and business conceivable.

Send Inexhaustible Push Notifications

When compared to email, push notifications offer a 10X greater engagement rate and allow you to interact directly with your most valued clients.


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Complete Service From a Team of WordPress and App Experts

We are actively involved when providing you with support. For over seven years, our staff has worked with WordPress and mobile technologies, and we understand both better than anybody. We’re here to assist you in making your apps a success.

All you need to do is utilize our platform to set up, customize and test your apps, then we’ll take over from that point. We take responsibility of developing, testing, compiling and submitting your apps on all plans. We commit many hours to evaluate your app to make certain it is functioning properly, thus assuring its approval by the App Stores.

Are you busy or not tech savvy? There is a full-service package on offer where you don’t have to do anything on your end. We take over your app’s set up and development from beginning to end including all advanced customizations.

We don’t just stop there. We take care of all updates and maintenance on all our plans, relieving you of the stress and cost of hiring developers to fix issues.

Swift, Productive, Total Service

Our team is swift and highly skilled in mobile and web technology. We handle the entire process of testing and setting up your apps to be launched on iOS and Android.



No hidden Costs

Easy, certain, monthly cost or revenue share for publishers that are eligible. No secret charges or payment of expensive fees to developers in the event something goes south. We take care of everything for you.


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All The App Functionalities You Need

Native Tab Menu

The native tab menu is the basis of your app. It offers your consumers a ‘native feel' by making the most essential components of your app readily accessible.

Message Center

Every message your users get is kept in the app so they can come back to it later and read it, explore the information, or click on the link.

Push Preferences

Allow your users to pick which messages and alerts they want to receive.

Native navigation

With a familiar native UI, iOS and Android users will have no trouble navigating around your app.

Customizable Splash Screen

While your app is loading, your users will see a branded splash screen and receive feedback in the form of a progress bar.

Configuration Dashboard

Control anything about your app straightaway without having to fumble with submission of updates

Completely customizable

Customize the applications with your own color scheme, logo, and splash screen

Automatic Rating Prompts

Encourage your users to provide a review after they've used your app for a while.

Loading Indicators

For a better UX and a more natural feel, the applications will provide distinct visual feedback when a page is loaded.

Integrations & Advanced features

We created the ideal wrapper to provide you with all of the benefits of native apps at a fraction of the cost and with none of the trouble.

Firebase Analytics

Firebase provides you everything you need to get useful data about your users, including limitless reporting and audience segmentation.

Onesignal Notifications

OneSignal allows you to send notifications from your app via their API or from their dashboard.

Integrated with WordPress

Select a unique theme for your app. Notifications may be set up for new posts, special post kinds, BuddyPress events, and messages, among other things.

Handle external links

Options for internal and external links. When your app detects the link type, it will either launch the device's browser or keep the user in the app.

Customize All Labels

All text labels seen in native portions of the program, such as the push notifications screen, may be changed or localized.

Location Services

Obtain permission from user’s to utilize their location in your web app

Identify App Users

Owing to a unique user agent string, you can easily identify each request originating from the app.

Advanced Editor

Customize the set up using JSON, or export it and operate it locally on your own server

Apply Custom CSS

Do you need to update your mobile app without compromising your web app? Right inside the app, paste your CSS code.

Simple price plans, includes everything you need

All of our plans include technical assistance from our staff as well as regular app upgrades (new versions) for your app, as needed, for security, reliability, and performance concerns, as well as compatibility with the most recent iOS and Android versions.

Is your business in its early stage? For up to 1,000 active users, subscribe for our early stage startup price of MUR 20,000 per month paid annually (or MUR 40,000 per month paid monthly)


MUR 20,000+VAT /month

paid annually


MUR 40,000+VAT /month

paid annually

Everything in Growth, plus:

We assist you with all of the necessary preliminary work.

 GWS Mobile App is far more than a software platform; it’s a full solution that contains everything you’ll need to get your app up and running.

On top of monthly or yearly costs, the App Submission charge and the optional Full Service Package fee are required at the start.

App Submission (required)

MUR 20,000+VAT

All the work to compile, test and submit
your app to Apple and Google.

Full Service Package (optional)

MUR 20,000+VAT

It’s ideal if you want everything taken care
of for you. Our team will configure and customize your app and take care of all the graphic design work required for a professional result.


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Why GWS Mobile App Solution ?

Our native app platforms and our publishing and development services make developing native mobile apps simple and inexpensive.

Swift native applications

In contrast to PWAs, you get native apps in stores, an enhanced UX, push notifications for both android and iOS

Completely customizable

Develop a white label app, tweaked to represent your brand, style and content and any other needed functionality.

WordPress Integration

Your app will work well with your WordPress site’s posts, custom post types, themes, and plugins. Managed straight from WordPress.

Bespoke Development

Develop your own app at a cost much lower than what an agency would charge. We assist with customizations and integrations.

Executed for you

We can assist you with the entire configuration and also invariably handle the submission of your app to App store and Google Play via your own account.

Extraordinary support

Our dedicated team of app experts will respond to your queries promptly and stay with you every step of the way. We are actively involved and support you to get exactly what you want done!

Turn Your Website Into a Native Mobile App

Get started for free, experience how GWS Mobile App Solution operates and learn all about our platform and service.