The Four Ss Of Managed WordPress Hosting: Focus On Your Business. Leave WordPress To The Experts.

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Speed, Security, Scalability, Service

What else do you get with managed WordPress hosting from WP Engine? A lot more.


With WP Engine, you no longer have to worry about (or pay extra for) backups. We offer one-click backup and restore at no extra cost. We automatically backup every customer site daily—it just happens. And if a customer wants to manually backup a site, you have the flexibility to do so.


Migrations can be tricky and time consuming. The WP Engine User Portal offers an amazing migration wizard that gives you a step-by-step walk through of how to migrate your site. And if you need more assistance, we have some amazing partners that can help get your site onto our platform with ease.


Don’t get overwhelmed by the abundance of WordPress plugins and themes. We see tens of thousands of websites daily and we can make educated suggestions based on our experience and expertise.


WP Engine GeoIP enables global brands to use a site visitor’s location to serve them relevant, targeted content based on their country, state, city, and even zip code. This empowers brands, marketers, engineers, legal departments, and site owners to show site visitors pricing in their national currency, sites in their language, and share content that is most relevant based on geography.


Redundancy matters. WP Engine Hot Standby is a continuous file and database mirroring technology that is based on identical, duplicate architectures in two geographic regions. These configurations contain exact replicas of your web applications and stay in sync at all times.

In the event of a failure in one location, WP Engine Hot Standby automatically reroutes traffic to the secondary location, which allows business to continue with minimal interruption. With WP Engine Hot Standby, your business is protected in the event of a network failure, data center outage, natural disaster, or DDoS attack.


WP Engine also shares its WordPress expertise through numerous interactive tutorials, documentation, videos, webinars, and more, which are available on demand through our User Portal.


Along with all of that, we’ve added some awesome platform features to ensure your WordPress site is ready to rock. Your managed WordPress hosting account from WP Engine comes with a WordPress staging area, so you can test out new pages, themes, and changes without breaking your site. You also get password-protected sites so you can share your sites with stakeholders while they’re in development, without pushing them live.

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