Bring your local food store online!
Help Mauritians Stay At Home by providing home delivery for food products.

  1. Do you have your work access permit?
  2. Do you you have food delivery vehicles with the proper permits during COVID-19 lockdown?
  3. Do you have food stock you can deliver to your local communities?
  4. Are you an NGO who needs a platform to better coordinate demands from beneficiaries?
  5. Are you a local supermarket or “la boutique” who wants an online tool to organise food delivery in your local communities after the lock-down is over?

Get in touch with us.

We can provide you with an e-commerce platform to take online orders from your local community within 24hrs and help them stay home safe when the lock-down is over by having you deliver the food to your local community instead of having them crowding your local food store.

This will help further with Social Distancing and Flatten The Curve even more to allow for the confinement to end earlier!

So if you own such a shop, or if you know someone who owns such a shop, let us know and we can help setup your e-commerce platform to avoid social crowding at the end of the lock down.

How does it work?

  1. We provide you with and eCommerce platform that will stand the traffic via our partnership with WPEngine on Google Cloud who have provided us with a 2month infrastructure upgrade specifically designed to help local communities that need an online infrastructure to help fight COVID-19 in Mauritius benefit from that.
  2. We will provide you with a training on how to manage the e-Commerce platform.
  3. You can then arrange for your deliveries from orders completed online using your food delivery vehicles with access permits
  4. If you do not have a delivery vehicle, you can also offer standard food packs, and provide people with specific pick-up times so as to avoid crowding in your stores.

Why standard food packs?

  1. It will help you prepare the packages for delivery a lot faster than having to look for specific demands from your customers
  2. It will allow you to provide alternative products should some products go out of stock (e.g you can mention “1KG baby powdered milk” in the pack without mentioning the brand, which will allow you flexibility to provide any brand based on your current stock availabilitty

Who owns the e-commerce store?

  1. You will own the store, so please make sure you have all the required permits to operate that, as well as deliver the orders
  2. You may want to check with your local authorities whether you can do such a thing or not with regards to the current lock-down situation in Mauritius.

How much will it cost?

I am a small business with little resources

  1. We are happy to consider any amount you think such a service is worth. We’re here to help.
  2. If you have the funds, and want to contribute to help those who don’t, we will accept any amount of money.
  3. If you don’t have the funds, we will then provide the platform to you for free.
  4. If you can pay only to sustain the hosting server, it will be appreciated as well (See our plans on )

I am a distributor or larger business

A commission formula based on % sales per month (The market rate for this model is between 2-3% + a fixed monthly fee. We’re happy, as part of this initiative, and for the duration of the COVID-19 confinement, to take only 1% commission and waive any setup and monthly charges during the COVID-19 Period. This will allow you to reduce your investment risk in such an unknown territory for your team, and if it works, we can both benefit from it.

Depending on the number of page/views your website generates per month, you can choose a hosting plan appropriate for you as well from

What do we need to get started?

  1. Fill in the contact form at will all of your details
  2. A list of the products you wish to sell online in an excel (We’ll provide a template)
  3. The product images (if you have them)
  4. A logo (if you have one, or we can draft something quickly for you)

Depending on the amount of demands that we get, we will either setup the products for you, or we’ll show you how to do it, as we may not have enough resources to input everything manually for you. But we will definitely provide you with a solid platform and training so you can manage it yourself, including price and stock !

What payment methods can be used on the platform by your customers?

  1. Bank Transfer (To your own account number you need to provide).
  2. Card on Delivery (If you have the machines, we do not provide them). We recommend contactless machines to promote social distancing as much as possible!
  3. MCB Juice (You need to talk to MCB if you’re a merchant, or your personal number if you’re an entrepreneur)
  4. MyT Money (You need to talk to telecom if you don’t already have that in place)
  5. Credit Card Payment (If you already have a merchant account with your local bank)

We do not recommend cash on delivery to avoid physical interaction as much as possible!

What do you need to get started?

  1. Make sure you have the proper permits from the Police to do this !
  2. Make sure you properly train your staff to effect those deliveries and keep clean, safe, and they do not infect others while doing this
  3. Make sure your vehicles and drivers have proper permits to operate, and the proper safety equipment as well!
  4. Keep your drivers and vehicles and food packing personnel as clean as possible after each delivery to avoid spreading the virus even more !

SPECIAL COVID-19 Online Ordering Platform

Automated Delivery Schedule Management‚Äč

Don't be overwhelmed by online orders influx.

Focus on your business, let us do the automation to make your experience more efficient!

Delivery Management

Manage customer expectation. Display a delivery calendar, with configurable delivery region schedule, and maximum number of orders per region per day, for better efficiency of your warehouse and delivery staff!

Pickup Locations OR HOME DELIVERY with scheduling by Region

Choose from either pick-up locations if you want to regroup your orders, or home delivery if you have enough vehicles to deliver at home, or both if you have the logistics to do both!

Both can have specific delivery date configured and automated, as well as maximum number of orders that can be placed per day for each region or pickup location

Order Management

You will also have peace of mind managing your business, without having to worry about how to manage your orders, because it'll be automated for you by our system !

GPS Location

We provide GPS coordinates of your customers so your trucs can use Google Maps to locate them faster.


Built with Automation and Performance in Mind
1% Commission during COVID-19 Confinement Period For Platforms Selling Essential Foods to help feed the population get fed!*
  • Unlimited products
  • Integration with your ERP (E.g Navision / ORACLE / POS / etc...) - ERP costs not included in our offer
  • Local Pickup Point Management
  • Home Delivery Management
  • Delivery Schedule By Region (By Day and By Max Order Qty per day per region)
  • Minimum order amount (qty of baskets or cart amount)
  • Min / Max qty of products per cart
  • Delivery calendar with automated planning for your delivery vehicles and generation of delivery routes
  • Allocation of orders to delivery trucks by delivery date
  • Location Pin on google maps of delivery point GPS coordinates
  • Maximum number of orders / baskets per day with automatic locking of the calendar
  • Delivery / local pickup days of week available
  • Holiday / Days Off Management
  • Lead Time for Order Processing
  • Next Day Delivery with cut-off time
  • Flat Rate Delivery
  • Free Delivery based on minimum cart amount
  • Restriction of Local Pick-Up Points
  • Integration with Credit Card Gateway (Gateway Commissions not included in our fees)
  • Local Payment Methods (e.g MCB JUICE / MyT Money / etc...)
  • Cash / Card / Cheque on Delivery
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Discount or Coupon Codes (fixed or % amount)
  • Integration with Mailchimp
  • Integration with Facebook Shop
  • Reporting

*As From 2% After the Confinement Period if you want to keep the platform operational in the long term

NGOS / Non-Profits can benefit from even lower rates

Non-Essential Food or other types of e-shops will start at a higher commission per month for the first 6 months to help with our investment in the platform (negociable depending on sales forecast).