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Jacques David Commarmond

David is the Managing Director of GWS. With a software engineering background, and more than 11 years of experience of R&D in web application, server management, multi-platform integrations, and the successful development and development of more than 300 websites in his career, he knows a bit or two about getting things done for your business. He's also a technology enthusiast, and is always playing with new stuff that are still in beta, or not widely used yet, like Kubernetes, scalable wordpress deployments, transactional chat bots. Anything buzzy actually, trying them out, and finding use-cases to implement these new tech that will benefit client projects he's currently working on.

Keep your Passwords Strong and Secure

Keep your Passwords Strong and Secure

Over the years we’ve noticed an increase in brute-force attempts by bots trying to either flood e-mail accounts or guess account password. It’s quite important to keep...

December 04, 2017

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